In a society that demands ever more performance and exerts enormous performance pressure, music can wonderfully restore harmony:

The soul can breathe once again; the day-to-day stress evaporates. It is no great secret that when one learns to play an instrument, he is also training his memory, and, yes, this can even improve school grades. A musical education bolsters one's personality and promotes social competence!

Musically trained children become creative, sensitive and feeling adults.

Ever since my youth, I wanted to transfer and propagate my piano skills among children, teenagers and adults alike. My desire is to employ piano-playing and my compositions to create a space of tranquility and relaxation.

The resultant approach to teaching enables students to learn to play piano or another instrument without pressure and in a cheerful and relaxed manner.

When selecting the pieces to practice, we can truly live our dreams. Let us sojourn in the worlds of classical music, pop or jazz. Film score music as well as musicals and free improvisations are included in our modern "standard repertoire".

Music studio:

In addition to piano lessons, our music studio also offers recorder/flute lessons and early instruction in music.

By implementing our tried-and-proven instruction method in which individual supervision is paramount, the learning of an instrument will become an enduring "added-value" facet in the students' lives.

We instruct all age groups. Children and teenagers are just as welcome as adults are by us!

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Uwe Dringenberg

Uwe Dringenberg, Klavierlehrer Eberstadt

Uwe Dringenberg

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